Formidable Ltd.

We are a group of young, socially engaged people who met on the occasion of participating in the EIT Health Smart-Up Lab project organized by the Medical University of Lodz.

We have heads full of ideas and reliable medical knowledge.
That is why we decided, together, to take care of nutrition education and health of Poles.

Our first project “HealthyTray” aims to promote a healthy lifestyle and popularize innovation in the field of nutrition.


EIT Health Summit 2019 Paris

Our company was born in the hearts of Poles, but on French soil.
High in the French Alps, thanks to the help of EIT Health, our idea has matured.
The PepiteOzer program has opened our minds and added wings. Therefore, we could not miss the EIT Health Summit 2019, which this year takes place in Paris.
Our delegate observes trends, technologies and acquires lucrative contacts.

Because we value the most in life – people.

„People inspire or pull you down - choose them wisely.”

Hans F. Hansen

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